HelloAR is a SAAS platform that creates an easy yet dynamic and interactive user experience. But let’s talk about what sets HelloAR apart.

Simple Native SDK

With just a few simple lines of code, you’re all set for a vibrant AR experience.

Custom Product Interactions

There’s nothing more boring than a common template. With HelloAR, you can customize interactions and give the product or brand a unique stamp.

Advanced Rendering Options

The advanced rendering options of HelloAR ensures that you can customize anything from lighting to filters and ensure that the product truly shines.

Complete AR Solution

From creating 3D models from pictures to automated/predictable pricing and integrating AR on native apps and JavaScript, Hello AR is a one-stop shop for all AR-related solutions.

Best-In-Class Technology

A software company is only as good as its technology. Equipped with proprietary 3D format, proprietary rendering algorithm built on top of AR Kit and AR Core, Hello AR is at the top of their game.


One of the main deterrents for change in any market is the price. Hello AR is one of the most cost-effective options for retailers as it is a SAAS model with no pre-payment or lock-in period.

Gamify Product Experiences

AR significantly enhances your product experiences, customer engagement and facilitates brand building. This is the tool for innovative retailers and marketers with an untapped market and limitless opportunities.


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