In an era of cutting-edge innovation, everyone scrambles to be the first to try the ‘next-big-thing’ and one of the most exciting developments is Augmented Reality – AR.

Far from a tech gimmick, AR has cemented its position as a practical tool for marketers to improve their customer experience and interaction.

While offline shopping and experiences are tough to beat, AR has, significantly, bridged that gap. This SAAS platform makes the experience easier and faster by enabling you to see the product and all you need is a smartphone.


Each product appears to scale and can be projected onto the desired space and customers get an actual sense of the product, in relation to space.


Customers are often put off when the product doesn’t reflect what they see on the screen. AR ensures that these discrepancies don’t occur as customers see true colors and detailing.


Customers can take their time and make a choice without any interruptions or inconvenience, in the comfort of their own homes.

Social Media

Social media and AR are like a match made in heaven. The technology facilitates social media access and customers can interact with their circle, share pictures and get opinions or affirm their purchases.

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